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Default YAFU Poly Select Deadline

I am using the YAFU factor() command to factor some C99s on a computer with 8 cores, so threads is set to 8. In factor.log I get the following messages for poly select:

commencing poly select with 8 threads
setting deadline of 148 seconds
completed 8 ranges of size 250 in 875 seconds

The third message is printed 875 seconds after the second message.

My query is that YAFU is spending almost 15 minutes on poly select when the lattice sieving is only taking about 10 minutes on 8 threads. This is excessive.

This is with YAFU v1.34 on Windows 10 64-bit. Is there a problem with the poly select deadline that YAFU is passing to msieve? I know that I can override the poly select deadline in YAFU but I can't work out how to do this with multiple threads.
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