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Originally Posted by Bispen View Post
I'm completely new to Prime95 and is just choosing the settings. And one of these is "Type of work to get". I'm wondering if it's only if I chose "World record sized numbers to test" that i'm actually have a chance to find something new? Or what is the best setting?
Your English is fine. And welcome to the project!

If you choose "World record sized numbers to test" then you will be given assignments above 74207281. And, indeed, you will have a (very small) chance of finding the next largest prime known to humans.

If, on the other hand, you choose "What makes the most sense" you will (currently) be given a lower candidate. You will still have (again, a very small) chance of finding a very large prime number, just not the largest currently known. This is because there are still approximately 80,000 candidates below 74207281 which need to be tested for the first time.

Please know, however, that these tests take quite a while, so please don't get discouraged to find you're only testing a few candidates a month (or, depending on the speed of your machine, only one every couple of months).

Please feel free to ask any additional questions you might have.
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