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Unhappy Official "Faits erronés dans de belles-lettres" thread

Originally Posted by only_human View Post
I read Anna Karenina while working a miserable stint of programming in Pennsylvania. There was a used bookstore next door and I was going though as much of their stock as possible. I told the owner that Anna Karenina was pulp fiction. He agreed, however I meant that the intertwining stories put me in mind of the stylized story handling in the movie Pulp Fiction. His agreement was to the older, more dismissive term often applied to cheap fiction.
We can debate whether AK is pulpy or not, but Leo T. should have studied his astronomy better - how do you say "gah!" in Russian?
It began to get dark. Venus, bright and silvery, shone with her soft light low down in the west behind the birch trees, and high up in the east twinkled the red lights of Arcturus. Over his head Levin made out the stars of the Great Bear and lost them again. The snipe had ceased flying; but Levin resolved to stay a little longer, till Venus, which he saw below a branch of birch, should be above it, and the stars of the Great Bear should be perfectly plain. Venus had risen above the branch, and the ear of the Great Bear with its shaft was now all plainly visible against the dark blue sky, yet still he waited.
Venus rising in the West? Suuuuuuuuuuure it is...
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