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Time to start moving the planets. We might need them.

A craft of maximum mass that repeatedly slingshots Venus and Mars, thus bringing them nearer to the Earth. Shouldn't take too long.

Not close enough to disturb the moon mind, and someone will tell me it's impossible anyway. (More planets required?)

or, more seriously:

Mars-style rovers at the moon's poles looking for water etc. The start of a long-term plan to make use of the moon as a base for longer missions.

A lander/rover that rides a periodic comet. Should stay gravitationally attached despite any melting? Use the emitted gases as fuel or process the 'ground'? Don't know if it is possible to match the orbit to get on board in the first place.

These just need the details fleshed out!

(As is the nature of mega-projects maybe we should consider $1bn an underestimate just to get the funding. We can multiply by four or something?)
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