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Our dream for a space mission is:

A small robotic outpost on the Moon, with all sorts of gadgets and building blocks.

Then, kids from all around the world, working with real scientists, perform remote experiments using the robotic outpost. When we say "working with real scientists", we mean this literally. The real scientists shift gears and mentor the kids using the Socratic method. (Or this.) The real scientist probably can guess the outcome, but it is much more important for the child to discover the outcome and to feel that sense of discovery.

The result generates interest in the field and gets kids involved. (The biggest goal!)

Imagine a catapult contest between teams of kids. Seriously!

It also establishes a base on the Moon. As experiments get more complicated more stuff is sent to the outpost. After a few years we have a bunch of stuff up there, chosen for reliability and endurance, to maybe begin supporting a manned outpost.

We were, until recently, heavily involved in model rocketry. It is unfortunate that this hobby is so neglected today.

When we think back on our life we remember the big "Aha!" moments, and they are all related to independent discovery, whether guided or not. (Quite a few of ours were independent discovery after miraculous survival!)

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