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Originally Posted by retina View Post
Yeah, we all saw them. Thanks.

But why do you need a whole new topic just to point that out? Is there some detail that you wanted to highlight?
Hi! And yes! It's just to highlight the 3950x processor. AMD deserves it!
Aswell as Threadripper details if someone has one of those.

Btw, if someone has any tips for overclocking 3950x, I'm open for some new ideas.

The max stable "manual overclocking" (for prime95) I have done was 4.4GHz@1,4v (all-core)
with Memory Clock at 1800 and Infinit Fabric at 1800 (I have DDR4-3200 memory kits, so it's a nice memory boost to 3600).
But I prefer using PBO with Memory overclock and Infinit Fabric overclock, it helps to manage the cpu temps.

Thanks for the comment!!

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