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Unhappy I'm losing faith in my influence...

I'm a truck driver and from time to time I have the ability to plug my laptop to the wall and use a working wifi for free.
When it happens (mostly) I'm using this opportunity to help the mankind and calculate some primes.

My question is: Is my 'work' even worth it?

I have Samsung RF-510 laptop.
4 cores that are calculating Sierpinski Problem ESP/PSP/SoB(Sieve)1.07.
I'm doing one task in approximately 1 hour 3 minutes and 9 seconds.
That means I'm completing four tasks every 1 hour.
I'm usually 45-48 hours at this place (with wifi and a plug) every week or so.
That should give 180-192 tasks done for the time being there.

So is 4 tasks/hour helping the mankind?
How long does it take for other computers to do such job?
Sometimes I think that my 1 hour of computing power is done in like 10-20 minutes by other computers.
Plus my CPU temp is almost all the time 83'C at full fan speed while computing

(While posting any replies please don't take into consideration that I have a free electricity. I would do the same thing at my household so it doesn't matter if I pay for it or not it's only 90W)
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