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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
You come on this forum, and ask us to debug your code while suggesting that PHP GMP has a bug because of output from your code?

Please give specific examples (exact code, exact input and exact output), and we'll take you seriously.

Otherwise you're just a waste of carbon (sorry if that comes across as mean, but some of us actually have real jobs).
My comment about it being a bug is only a question/suggestion. I also offered other alternatives if you'd take note.

I thought I did give output from my code... or at least the error that I'm seeing. If you'd read my code you'd see that technically there is no output. The "output" is just a list of prime numbers and those are put in a sqlite db. Just in case you didn't see the first post's attachment here it is again.

Your comments are not only mean but rude. So far you've only just negatively commented without any reason or purpose. Directly attacking someone (especially first off with no obvious reason) isn't a basis for a good interaction. Suggesting someone is a "waste of carbon" leaves little in the way of being socialable. Are you trying to get people to not post questions here by scaring them away or do you just have no social interaction skills.
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