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I have made versions 1.0.4a and 1.0.6a using the SSE2 routines from 1.0.4 and 1.0.6, but otherwise they are the same as version 1.0.7.

There is one other setting that you can use to try to speed up the sieve: The -d switch allows you to set the maximum gap between exponents manually. Extra dummy terms will be added to fill any larger gaps. You can see the gap size chosen by running with the -v switch, and try something a bit smaller or larger. The optimal gap size will change with each new sieve file unfortunately.

Carlos: If you happen to remember which sr5sieve version was fastest for your machines I can make it available for download again. But as you can see here with gcwsieve, between three machines -- two of them Pentium 4's -- we have three different versions already :-).
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