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Thanks CRGreathouse.

I had previous attempts at prime innovation on this site, with a bit of embarrassing results!

I am a hobbyist only, and have made some interesting discoveries (using hobbyist approach of "go where my fancy takes me"). I think my present "test" is indeed interesting and had not found anything like it in the "primality" literature, especially on the internet as well -not to say that it is unique/new, but submitting it would of course quickly verify the authenticity of the system/test in a split second.

I was thinking of submitting the "test" on this forum, but I could write a "paper" as I can ask my son/daughter (who is more competent w.r.t writing academic papers) to assist if required.

I am really exited, but it could of course turn out to be a damp squib as well.

Thanks for the initial advise.

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