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And here is the results of the Ryzen 3-3200G efficiency testing. Following the same procedure, I adjusted the CPU frequency with cpupower-gui and observed the change in mprime output. This time psensor was also used to monitor CPU temperature.

The results were very different this time. Either the motherboard or the CPU did not like the CPU frequency changing because the results were not a smooth decrease in power use and mprime output. Instead the power use and mprime output showed no change for large changes in frequency with sudden step changes in both power use and output as the frequency setting dropped.

Another complication with this test was that I did not have another computer nearby so I had to edit the google sheets form on the computer I was testing. This had a noticeable affect on the results.

I decided to leave the computer running at 2900MHz for a while to see what happens. That gives me a 51% drop in power use with a 32% drop in output.

Total power reduction so far:
i3-9100 - 85W to 46W = 39W savings
GTX-1650 S - 145W to 79W = 66W savings
i5-8250U - 30.5W to 30.5W = 0W savings
3200G - 75W to 36W = 39W savings

See the attached picture for details.
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