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Originally Posted by Nick View Post

12 Frobenius
Example: taking the polynomial \(x^2+1\), you get the Gaussian integers modulo n after all!

Obviously it's up to you, but it might be worth including something on the Chinese Remainder Theorem.
It would make it easier to explain your formula for the Euler phi function.
Also, as you have a nice emphasis on the computational side of things in this, you could show
how it is used in practice to speed up RSA decryption, for example.
Just a thought, anyway.
There is now a section on Gaussian primes, but not mod n.

CRT: I find that quite difficult.

RSA: I have written that s or t may be chosen to be small for quick encoding or quick decoding respectively.

Thanks again for your input. 18th Oct, 2020 version uploaded

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