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Originally Posted by Batalov View Post
Maybe people could continue

But this is fun activity, and posting 2-3 more lines from time to time is ENOUGH!
You (general you) don't need to post 100 lines, to show us that you know to add and subtract or know how to use Excel. When you have few minutes relax from your daily job, or get your coffee break, post one more line. Don't do this 20 times per day, either. This is meant to be fun, and do not take it as a task where you need to spend hours and computing powers to post 30 lines. It make our life miserable (to check them all), and that especially if half of them are wrong. At this stage it is still easy, so you don't need to boast or waste computing power. Keep it fun. (Edit: and check your work!)

Just my two cents.

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