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Originally Posted by ThomRuley View Post
C110, older Pentium M processor (1.6GHz), no CUDA, running polynomial selection for about 24 hours so far.

Is something wrong? And how would I know?
Nothing wrong. You don't have a timeout You can try to find a better and better poly, for years, if you like... (well... is not so efficient...)

For a comparison: Single core time for a C110 in the factor.log file of yafu (which uses msieve for poly selection) is set to about 3400 seconds (I used 1 core of a Core2Duo CPU to check just now). So, most probably, you have already a very good poly.

Advice: if msieve looks complicate for you, try using yafu for a while. It does the most of the things for you, it is much easier for a start.
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