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Originally Posted by ATH View Post
You want to combine those factors (2kp+1) = +/- 1 (mod 8) with those that can be prime (2kp+1)= +/- 1 (mod 6).

Prime95 already does this, but instead of using +/- 1 mod 6, it uses those numbers mod 120 which can be prime, i.e. those that are co-prime with 120:

Combining the above list with the requirement +/- 1 mod 8 gives 16 residue classes mod 120, which is those 16 Prime95 uses:

Your idea gives 20 residue classes mod 120:
so what Prime95 already uses is more efficient.
okay well can we alter it all to make it even more efficient ?

I know now that it eliminates the multiples of 5 I still must try and figure this out lol.

doh dah multiples of 5 still god can i get any dumber lol.

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