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Originally Posted by ryanp View Post
Bad news: the c205 at index 12566 (1905316801...) has thus far failed to yield to ECM.

I've run 83K curves at B1=29e8, but no hits. May continue on at B1=76e8 after.

Could this be a good GNFS target for the forum? I may not have the time/resources to devote to it.
Yes, yes it could. We'd appreciate it if you could aim a couple of CADO clients at the forum server if we do take it on; I'd run it on I=15, so each client would be ~3GB memory. Sieve time would be on the order of 75 [hyper]thread-years.

Those who donate client-cycles may prefer to tackle the c204 GNFS cunningham target first, or either of these might just get sent to Greg's 16e queue at NFS@home.
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