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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
I'll see about swapping the server machine's hard drive to another one of my Intel machines and hope to get it running in a few hours here.
Just a little note as to what you might expect when doing this: because your four original Intels are not quite the same configuration as jeepford (they are Q6600's, and jeepford is a Q9something), it will probably boot up, but the graphics may not work. If that turns out to be the case, everything should still be OK--just log in on the command line and let me know, and I'll pop in remotely and start up the servers from there.

Worst case scenario, jeepford's hard drive won't boot up at all in your other Intels; I'd say this is an unlikely possibility, but nonetheless possible. In that case, I can set up some temporary servers on one of your other machines (or even on my own computer if for some strange reason that doesn't work out). We wouldn't have the website and DB (well, I might be able to get a temporary kludge set up for the CRUS web pages) but we'd at least have LLRnet and PRPnet servers.
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