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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
I'm with Mini-Geek on this one. I was thinking RALP instead of RLP because RLP looks too much like RIP or (heaving forbid) RPS. (lol) But RALP looks too much like Ralph. Having it spelled out is the most catchy for a name.

I would make it singular though. The movie is singular as in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' so I'd make the team name singular as in 'Raiders of the Lost Prime'.

'RaidersOfTheLostPrime' is 2 characters shorter then 'ArsTechnicaTeamPrimeRib' so the length shouldn't be an issue.

So will we need to change the ID on all of our machines? That is mine would become 'RaidersOfTheLostPrime_gdbarnes". Or would the beyind-the-scenes programs be able to figure out who goes to what team?

Okay, I see what you're saying--yeah, that probably would be better.

As for the username change thing: Well, the standard naming convention that we're using would be for you to change yours to "RaidersOfTheLostPrime_gd_barnes". The server should be able figure out the extra underscore, at least if its behind-the-scenes work is anything similar to my Perl script from before--this has happened for at least one username before, namely "Team_Italia_ET_" which is even more complicated because of an underscore in the name; I'm not sure how my Perl script handled that one (though it seems to have worked OK).

But, you that you mention it, we *could* have the stats server keep track of team names without team prefixes of any kind. As I remember those were originally inserted back when we were using Karsten's manually updated stats, since otherwise he'd have to painstakingly keep track of who's on what team in a separate file. But now that we have an automated setup, yes, that would work. In fact, I remember that back when Adam was running the stats server we had to do just that, albeit for a short time, when we needed to jump through some hoops regarding Brucifer's stats. Namely: we had to rename his username to just "Brucifer" (though note: it was still marked as team AMDUsers at this time), then combine his stats with those from a secondary no-team username that he had done a bit of work on, thus ensuring that his PAST results stayed with AMDUsers, but any results after the switcheroo (as well as those from the secondary username) would go to team "-".

Long story short: yes, the server doesn't have any problem with keeping track of team names without prefixes. So, I make a proposal: why don't we make the team prefixes optional (like they are on many other projects which used to require them but since abandoned them)? Users who currently have prefixes wouldn't have to change anything, and new users would have the choice of whether or not to use a prefix (which may or may not be convenient, especially if they have lots of results submitted under a no-team, no-prefix username).

Opinions, anyone?

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