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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
I think we shouldn't abbreviate our team name in the account name thing (where it's teamname_username), even though RaidersOfTheLostPrimes is a bit long to put in. The reason is that acronyms for this are awkward, and changing the words around a little to e.g. PrimeRaiders or LostPrimeRaiders loses the Raiders of the Lost Ark reference and sounds weird. (like the focus is on raiding instead of primes)

I'm with Mini-Geek on this one. I was thinking RALP instead of RLP because RLP looks too much like RIP or (heaving forbid) RPS. (lol) But RALP looks too much like Ralph. Having it spelled out is the most catchy for a name.

I would make it singular though. The movie is singular as in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' so I'd make the team name singular as in 'Raiders of the Lost Prime'.

'RaidersOfTheLostPrime' is 2 characters shorter then 'ArsTechnicaTeamPrimeRib' so the length shouldn't be an issue.

So will we need to change the ID on all of our machines? That is mine would become 'RaidersOfTheLostPrime_gdbarnes". Or would the beyind-the-scenes programs be able to figure out who goes to what team?


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