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Cool LLRnet servers for NPLB

Note: Please do not use LLRnet "proxy servers" on public LLRnet servers. They will sometimes crash the server.

A daily general report for all of gd_barnes's LLRnet servers is at
An hourly/daily progress report for all NPLB servers is at
Currently processing ranges last updated 2014-08-17 18:00 GMT.

NPLB LLRnet server #1:
Short identification: G3500
server = ""
port = 3500
k's: 347/351/355/357/359/361/365/367/369/371/375/377/379/381/383/385/387 (17k maxi-drive)
n-range: 1M-1.61M
currently processing 17k maxi-drive at n= (complete)

NPLB LLRnet server #2:
Short identification: G7000
server = ""
port = 7000
k's: 317/329/335/341/363/391/393/399 (8k mini-drive)
n-range: 1.3M-1.575M
currently processing 8k mini-drive at n= (complete)

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