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Default Power settings

Turn off what you are sure you don't need. Varies considerably by BIOS flavor

To help the system stay up and running prime95 or mprime or whatever on the cpu, and any relevant gpu applications, at full tilt while unattended, modify the default OS power saving settings. Test by leaving the system on continuously after a restart.
For Windows 10:
click on the lower left Windows icon, the gear that will appear a bit above it, System in the pane that will appear, then "Power & sleep". Find "when plugged in, pc goes to sleep" and select "never".

Scroll down and find "additional power settings", click on it, then in the pane that opens, click change plan settings, then click "change advanced power settings". Adjust the many settings in the resulting window to the speed/power tradeoffs you want after considering utility cost.

Consder using the power limiting capabilities of nvidia-smi for NVIDIA gpus, or the corresponding AMD gpu utilities, to reduce gpu power from maximum to a lower level that is more power efficient. Especially during the air conditioning season.

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