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What has this been replaced with? You know, the one with the IB port, all the primes for the day, the first n to process, links to the rejects, results for the day, etc; in the vertical format.
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Not the one's I'm looking for. The one I had in mind did not show the hourly progress.

It did show all the primes found for that day listed by each port.

It is similar to but instead for IB. It did have a like to, but also had links to all current results for the day, rejects, etc.

Lennart and AMDave, both of these responses are incorrect and both link to the same incorrect page. Ian asked for the "noprimeleftbehind" link name version of If everything is going to roll over to the new server, we need a new link name with "noprimeleftbehind" in it that specifically has this web page in it.

I previously inquired to David about this.

David, are you just going to leave this one link on the old "ironbits" link name or can we expect a new link that has "noprimeleftbehind" in it?

This is an important page that we don't want to lose. I'll Email David with a link to this posting.

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