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Originally Posted by charybdis View Post
While trying to do a 2.05 vs 2.06 benchmark, I discovered that the -batchfile option seems to be broken. When I run "yafu "siqs(@)" -batchfile in.bat", yafu quits with

>> fopen error: No such file or directory
couldn't open R for reading
Happens on linux and windows. Old versions (pre v2) work properly.

PS. Thanks for all the excellent work over the last couple of months!
Yes, I've noticed that as well but haven't got around to fixing it yet. Mostly because cat in.bat | yafu "siqs(@)" still works, somehow.

Also, fyi, yafu has a built-in siqs benchmark function:

./yafu "siqsbench"

Output is written to a bench.log file instead of factor.log.

This is what I run over and over again during testing.

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