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Originally Posted by Gimarel View Post
I'm getting the same SEGFAULT with gcc-9. I will try to install gcc-11, but this will take some time.
Weird. I have not changed anything in update_poly_roots_32k_avx2.c in over 5 months, according to github, and those were unrelated changes to where this error occurred. The core routine that produced the segfault hasn't changed in years. As a wild guess you could try changing -march=native to -march=znver1 or -march=znver2 and get rid of -mtune=native. Maybe the compiler is mis-identifying the exact cpu or mis-tuning the code.

Originally Posted by Gimarel View Post

I also tried clang-11 but the build fails ...
I have never tried building with that compiler so not very surprising. The inline assembly doesn't port easily...
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