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Originally Posted by Ken_g6 View Post
Thanks, Andrew!

You also sound like the kind of person who would have the experience necessary to create an LLR test, considering George Woltman's requirements for such a test. Even a test for only small K's, as described in that post, would be of enormous benefit to PrimeGrid, the No Prime Left Behind search, and probably others as well.

I'm not sure entirely how much effort building a GPU LLR application would entail, but since LLR is an extension of LL, I imagine it could be at least partially derived from the existing application.

As Ken mentioned, such a program would be immensely beneficial to the many k*2^n+-1 prime search projects out there. I myself am an assistant admin at NPLB and would be glad to help with testing such an app. (Our main admin, Gary, has a GTX 460 that he bought both for sieving, which is already available for CUDA, and to help test prospective CUDA LLR programs. He's not particularly savvy with this stuff but I have remote access to the GPU machine and can run stuff on it as needed.)


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