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1) Next week I'm off, without internet connection, and I'm very happy about that. The weekend after that week, I' going to be back; and until Saturday, I'm still here.

2) I posted the last work I can offer you today, i.e. the last P-1-range and LLR up to 2M. Before I can post more, other work, I'll have to wait the return of some finished P-1 ranges.
With this last P-1-range being handed out, I think sieving further has become pointless; most of the remaining factors are going to be found by P-1. So I suggest just finishing everything up to 4T, and not reserving new ranges.
This means as well that frome now half a month, we are going to focus on the search of primes, and not only boring factors.

3) I wanted to thank all of you who participated with this project yet, the pace is amazing, and I fear/hope that we are going to need starting the sieving effort for the next stage (5M-10M) sooner than expected.

Yours H.
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