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Minus I found a formula that generates only prime numbers- and you will just work for me


I am looking for someone to write with me and be my guarantor to write arxiv math article, I have already done the first procedure and speak with mathematicians in serious math forum to confirm that I am the other, and I'm looking for a parking lot that can help me get the article on arxiv, for you info I don't speak English only French and I have trouble writing French because I am delexic.

And here is in image the forumle which gives only prime numbers and why it works in French.

should forward this email to someone who's registered as
an endorser for the math.NT (Number Theory) subject class of arXiv.)

Z.B requests your endorsement to submit an article to the
math.NT section of arXiv. To tell us that you would (or would not) like
to endorse this person, please visit the following URL:

If that URL does not work for you, please visit

and enter the following six-digit alphanumeric string:

Endorsement Code: 46CXQG

See the attached file in image.

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