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There is no installer/ Although you don't need programming knowledge to run it, you need some technical knowledge. This is what I recommend:

1) Download and install MySQL and the MySQL ODBC driver. The mysql root password is what you will care about most as the mysql command line program will need it.
2) From the mysql command line program, create a database and the tables in the database. A script to create those tables is in sourceforge.
3) Configure prpserver.ini and and database.ini. There are plenty of comments in these files regarding the configuration options. You will need to change very few of those options.
4) Start the prpserver exe from the command line.
5) Create a file in ABC format with your candidates. This is "pfgw" format from srfile/srsieve.
6) Use prpadmin to load candidates into the server from that file.
7) Install llr and and pfgw into your prpclient folder.
8) Configure prpclient.ini to point to your server and to use llr and pfgw.
9) Start the client.

If the client connects to the server and starts running tests, you are all set. You just need to configure additional clients (one per core is what I do).

None of this is rocket science, but if you haven't done it, it will take a little time to figure it out. I would say that steps 1, 2, and 5 are the hardest if you are not familiar with MySQL or the ABC file format.
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