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Originally Posted by chris2be8 View Post
I've got one system with a GPU in it where I don't use the GPU for screen output (it doesn't have the right sort of connector for the KVM switch I use). I had to update settings in the BIOS to make it use the onboard graphics for screen output. That might help.

Alternatively I would just SSH into the system and do all admin etc from the command line. Possibly plugging in a monitor etc to do initial setup, then run it headless.

Thanks, Chris! I hadn't thought of the BIOS settings. I use the VNC windows, so I don't have to try to keep track of tmux terminals when running several things at once on the machines. Additionally, as you mentioned, the one monitor I have available near the headless machines also doesn't support any of the three NVidia GPU connectors, or I could just leave it plugged in.

As to SSHing, that's done frequently with all my "farm" and it's how I was able to uninstall the CUDA package and return the system to the previous state without physically working with it.
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