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However, much harder:
assume both players play best strategy, then you have to run some AI research, one of the two things can happen, I would expect - either black wins every time (I suspect that, or else there would be no reason for such arcane opening restrictions in real gomoku and renju), and then your wanted estimate is 0.000 --
or else (like in othello/reversi 8x8) - with best play it is a draw each time, then your wanted estimate is 1.000

You can also play against Tito Gomoku (in app store); Tokarev's engine is free and very good. I API'd Tito engine into a game club >15 years ago (and nine other board games; from chess to reverse to gomoku and backgammon, and such); and had Tokarev's permission too, at that time it was just a CLI software (no code) and it was a world champion for 2yrs in a row. Another idea, instead of writing a competent engine (which is a lot of time), take CLI version and API against it. He does not release the source understandably. There are >20 AIs to choose from at
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