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I believe you (general you) are misinterpreting the puzzle. Sure, the plain wording does suggest that particular interpretation. But I believe the intent is to just avoid latin squares, period, and not determinant values arising from latin squares. Perhaps asking for a clarification is in order?
The motivation to use this wording was to inhibit that someone finds a non-Latin square with exactly the already shown value of the maximum Latin-square determinant. Nobody could give me an answer of the question "is it possible to construct a non-Latin square with determinant 929587995"?. All possible determinant values of 9x9 Latin squares are known from an (yet unpublished) enumeration expanding the data given by Brendan McKay. I can provide more information after the end of the submission period. If you should find a Latin square with determinant in the range [loophole barrier, record] I'm extremely curious to see ist.
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