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Originally Posted by kladner View Post
For the moment, I have resorted to manual Get Work from GPU72 for P-1, for two workers. I arrange a worktodo.add the way I want it, and load up enough assignments to stay well ahead of the Days of Work to Queue value. The P-1's are going to workers 5 and 6 (which are also set to P-1 in Worker Windows), while the rest are set to DC.

The pessimist in me expects that the DC workers will now decide to change over to P-1 when their current assignments complete.
With a little advice from Chris and a lot of trial I have determined good things come in 3's. This should does for me:
If you want worker#1 changed to DC for example:
1. Change it to anything else and "Send new end dates"
2. Repeat step 1
3. Change it to DC and "Send..." once more.
Has to be right on the 3rd change.

You may get unwanted assigns from steps 1 and 2 you can release.
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