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After a smooth switch from P-1 to DC on all eight cores, I decided to switch one core back. This happened without problems. Now I have tried to change more cores to P-1, and they stubbornly remain DC. I have messed with the Worker Windows settings, both as a group at once, and one at a time. I have switched to LL, saved, then switched back to P-1. I have run repeated Manual Communications. When I set Send New Date, it will update/remove DC's I have unreserved on GPU72, if I have Days of Work set to 1. When I up DoW to 5, more DC's are acquired. I have been through Prime Net settings, changing back and forth. This includes not only the Preferred Work page, but also navigating 'My Account > CPU's > [computer name] and messing with the individual Core/Work Thread settings.

I am baffled. Perhaps sleeping on it will let the various systems get synchronized. Nonetheless, Chris, I will PM the name to you.
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