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Originally Posted by Bdot View Post
Hi, I recently changed in prime95 the worktypes of my 3 worker threads from P-1, DC, DC to P-1, P-1, P-1. Now the last DC of thread#2 was about to be finished and to my surprise, GPU72 handed out another DC.

On GPU72, the computer is listed as 3 threads, P-1 worktype (not sure how it would list it if the threads had different ones). On primenet, thread#2 and #3 are still listed as P-1.

How can I switch the work type on the GPU72 proxy?
Could you please PM me the machine's name, and/or CID?

All proxy messages are logged for analysis. To deal with situations like this.

There is a known bug with Prime95/mprime not correctly reporting its desired worktype before requesting work. This might be the case here. On the other hand, maybe I made a mistake.
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