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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
You can set MSN to keep a log of its chat, but this is easily deleted or edited if the person is tech-savvy and knows you're trying to watch them. You could run a network monitoring tool on their computer (like Wireshark), but this would generate a process and possibly a window. If your router has any sort of monitoring, you might be able to use that. If you use a computer as a router anywhere along the line, you can run Wireshark, I think promiscuous mode would be necessary, to monitor it.

Good ol' fashioned watch-em-over-the-shoulder would work too, but would make them know they're even if they do do unethical/immoral stuff, they could just hide it while you're watching, unless you watch 24/7...or you could hide a webcam or get some screenshot program that automatically takes screenies, but that would probably make a process too.
Probably most commercial monitoring applications (the ones that companies use to monitor their employees) would do the trick--I've seen ads for a few of them, and they all include the ability to record various types of IM (which I'm assuming would include MSN), as well as email, web surfing, etc. They can even keep screenshots (both stills and video, I think) of activity of so requested. I would imagine they're able to run in a "hidden" mode too.

I don't know how much one would cost, but I would imagine that there's versions that cost a reasonable amount aimed at home users in situations like yours.

Probably anything out there for free would either be more along the lines of a forensic or hacking tool (and, consequently, probably be more complicated to use), rather than a monitoring tool like you're looking for. But then, I don't know much about what's out there for free (except Wireshark which I'm familiar with), so I could be wrong.

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