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Exclamation New Version of Client available for Windows Users

We are pleased to announce that we are releasing a new version of the NFSNET client package. At the present time, only the package for Windows® has been posted. We are preparing the others and they will be made available soon.

There are a number of minor improvements, but the major changes are:

• Improved code to recognize some newer Intel CPUs.
• A new GUID algorithm to eliminate some of the problems with RAS and other virtual interfaces.
• A revised initialization/registration script that allows you to join TEAMS.
• An enhanced GUI interface with more control and more information displayed.

This new software will require that you start from a clean install. Please stop your current siever in the recommended manner and let it submit its results. Then erase the entire NFSNET folder and fetch the new package from

Support for teams has been introduced following popular demand. This release is very much a first attempt and we recognize that it isn't perfect. In particular, there is not yet an automated way in which you may change from one team to another. This ability will come in good time but for the time being changing teams will require you to send your request by email to

If you intend to join a team, it will be easier if you know the team name BEFORE you run nfsnetinit.

Although little has changed in the User Manual, you may wish to review it. The manual is contained within the distribution kit and is also available online at

Chris, Don, Jeff, Paul and Richard
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