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Supplanting Primo for practical use is really unlikely. It's nice to have a decent open source version though, and now we have another one with Pari/GP. I admit I rather hoped for more immediate feedback when I first posted this :). While I'm still working on the larger project, I haven't really made any changes in ECPP proper in a while.

WraithX did a nice job of making APR-CL into a plug-and-play GMP file. ECPP is more complicated and uses more utilities (e.g. factoring) but it would still be nice to see it packaged up in a way that was easier for others to plug in to their projects. E.g. yafu and Python/gmpy2 among others.

A converter to Primo v4 certificates would be good -- Jared solved this for Pari, and Marcel gave an outline of how to do it earlier in the thread.

I added all the Ramanujan polynomials from the papers to the tiny class_poly_data.h file. I have not updated the other files, as it isn't really worth it at those sizes unless we have more.

Using CM should make it unnecessary anyway once past whatever degree we want to keep static.

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