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Thanks for the pointer to the script to create the standalone ecpp, I've taken the latest and merged it with my modifications so far. (Apologies anyone who cloned the repo aleady, I did a force push to sort out the history to make this easier in future.)

Taking a hint from a previous post in this thread, I've integrated with to generate polynomials. The generation is pretty naive at the moment, but it shows potential. If you want to use that you'll need to apply the patch that's in the git repo to CM before you build it, to avoid CM occasionally failing due to insufficient precision. I'll look at getting that contributed back.

I see there's no Ramanujan polynomials in the data right now, but I tried manually adding a couple and they are working fine. I see the paper describes how to generate them but I haven't been through that in any detail yet.

As for becoming competitive with Primo, I don't think that's in reach (for me at least!), but I hope we can get to the point where it is reasonable to use ecpp-dj for numbers in the 2000 digits range.
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