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Default "Sending interim residue" Mxxx / AID

Prime95 30.6 b4
Nothing dramatic but an inconsistency nevertheless ;-)

When interim residues are sent to the server, between or during the periodic communication the format of the output to the screen and the prime.log file has the following format :
[Comm thread Sep 16 19:22] Sending interim residue 40000000 for M58193041
But when the residues are sent together with a result the AID is used instead of the M followed by the exponent :
[Comm thread Sep 16 23:26] Sending interim residue 55000000 for assignment 172076D8AD6993D981F397637613B8DC
[Comm thread Sep 16 23:26] Sending result to server: UID: S485122/i9-10920X, M58193041 is not prime. Res64: 1B5E1783A3861E57. Wh4: 67E20740,22995864,00000000, AID: 172076D8AD6993D981F397637613B8DC
(Never mind the AID in clear : the assignment has been completed the assignment and its ID are bygones.)
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