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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
Coordination of the concurrency of processes is a non-trivial problem space.
... Talented humans are ***very*** expensive...
Except when they're free. George does what he does not for the money.

After watching George deliver very well for a quarter century, it seems clear to me he's up to the task. Multiple workers using multiple cores each, plus a PrimeNet communications thread. Maybe it just goes on a to-do-someday list beneath some other priorities. Or maybe there are good reasons not to try it, that I'm unaware of.

Gpuowl source provides an example of how the GCD parallelism may be handled. Different situation GPU & CPU combined there, but still.

For proof space preallocation, the potential time saving is smaller, but one could compute a time estimate for space preallocation and a time estimate for when depositing the first proof residue will be needed, and only parallelize when there's a comfortable time margin, and also ensure it wait for completion of preallocation.

V30.7 is in preparation. AFAIK this includes P-1 speed improvements in primes pairing, & Alder Lake support. Not sure what else.

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