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Originally Posted by petrw1 View Post
Something was awry in local or prime.txt I checked the Test... Primenet... box and both fields were there.
I did manual comm and checked again and userid was blank.
I filled it in again and re commed and its okay now.

I'll try again tomorrow to see if I can run 30.5 yet....not holding my breath.
After 2 days of it running version 30.3 just find I stopped Prime95 and tried a few different version of 30.4/30.5 ... all caused my PC to shutdown seconds after starting Prime95.

I reverted back to 30.3 ... guess what BOOM! PC Shutdown on start of Prime95; 3 tries; 3 shutdowns.

So it is software conflicts or faulty hardware....???

Running a Prime95 stress test now...after 2 hours all tests passed so far. there some secret debug option in Prime95 what will spew out logs that can be analyzed after a failure such as this?
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