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I don't know the cause, but I submitted the results from a PRP test of M105212323 using mprime 30.6b4. The log does not indicate any errors, but the proof file was never generated.

[Worker #2 Jul 28 01:55] Generating proof for M105212323.  Proof power = 9, Hash length = 64
[Worker #2 Jul 28 02:00] M105212323 is not prime.  RES64: 2C388CF0B9F55BCD. Wh8: 5FC89719,92743653,00000000
[Comm thread Jul 28 02:00] Sending result to server:...
After the result was sent to there's noting more in the logs - no error message. There's nothing left in the working directory.

It could of course be a problem with my computer, but it is not overclocked, has mostly empty PCI slots and has ECC RAM.
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