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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
Sure, I can... I'm the admin..
There are only a few redirects for some abbreviations like GIMPS.
But I will not include ~2700 redirects for the Riesel number pages when including a "2" as base in the title.
I mean, sure 2700 is overkill, but redirects are cheap in the database. If there are any actually existing external links to the wiki you're aware of that you know would be broken, can you at least leave redirects for those? Certainly that would be a much more reasonable number.

Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
The prefix for any template is for making them unique over the Wiki. There's no extra work for including a "P", the templates are shown in the template prototype page for copy/paste.
To keep them unique is better: have in mind to replace a text of any page with some other text. Say you want to rename a special parameter in all Riesel prime pages, there's a function to do so.
Or including a new parameter, that's what I can do when including the base as new parameter.
Searching for such parameters is another reason. Some templates using the "R" or "P" to make the output depending on the type, too.
I guess that makes sense.
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