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Originally Posted by GP2 View Post
How normalized is the database? Does the Public Name (from ) really get stored in more than one place, or get compared against, or used for purposes other than display? I would have thought that the V5UserID from prime.txt or the SrvrUID from local.txt would be the key fields in the tables.
The user's public name is only referenced in one table, which makes sense of course.

I thought about it some today and my best guess on how to improve it would be to add an additional nvarchar column and slowly port any DB calls/sprocs/etc to use that instead, deprecating and eventually removing the old column.

Kinda messes things up but if this were my day job and I wanted to ensure reliable operations, that's how I'd do it... gradually and surely with some bleedover time.

But even that means making sure any updates/inserts aren't using implicit column placements... I'm pretty sure anything like that is explicitly handled (as far as I've seen, that's the case) but Murphy's law says there'd be that one exception where an insert assumes columns are in a certain order and doesn't spell 'em out.
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