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Originally Posted by kladner View Post
I started to run it from 60-67, but even with two cores' affinity it was painfully slow. I restarted from 64, and it outran MISFIT's automatic stats update. No factors where I ran.
I picked one of my dev boxes with 12 cores and I'm having it do TF work on 583 exponents where only sannerud has done anything (at least in v5).

I don't have a fancy schmancy GPU so I'm only taking these up to 2^62.

Once that's done, is there anyone or ones interested in looking at this list for rechecking from 2^62 up to whatever? In almost all of them, sannerud reported them up to 2^67, 2^68 or 2^69 which is more than I'd want to bite off without a GPU or seven available. But at least you'll know they're at least done to 2^62 reliably.
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