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Default PC energy savings

Being 'in' the energy efficiency industry (should I duck now?) one of the biggest problems is motivating people to think about how much energy they do waste. The excuse given is often that they don't waste "alot" of power and, if only they switched off, it wouldn't make a lot of diffrerence...

The problem then is, of course, if everyone did this then even more energy would be wasted. (By the way, before anyone starts, my rational is deeply rooted in the saving money part of energy efficiency rather than the 'save the planet' bit, bt that wasn't deemed interesting enough and was for geeky engineers...)

However, I am always wary of the 'we could all save billions of tonnes of CO2 if we just did...' reports as , if you dig into them as cheeshead has done, you often uncover some very dodgy assumptions, rounding of figures and generally poor analysis of figures that are often no more than what us geeky engineers used to do on the back of fag packets (sorry, that's cigarett packets if you are not in the UK :-) ).

As a way to meet the CO2 savers halfway, why not switch off the screen and set the screen saver to go to a blank screen instead of leaving it on all night or waggling a copy of the Windows logo all over the screen when you've left your desk for a few minutes? The PC doesn't need the screen on, even in standby mode, to do what it does with Prime95, of course.
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