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That was a joke, not a real accusation. Therefore the "" sign.

There is no way for me to know who is spamming the DB, as I am not in the "privileged" list, and I have no more rights than you have, but I am still unhappy about the way the DB is managed, and I won't miss an opportunity to comment about, even if that means upsetting few people/gods here/there. It is not enough to offer the available space and few daemons/elves running factoring jobs and forget about it. Proper maintenance and a user/credential system will solve a lot of these problems. Not any idiot should be allowed to add factors in the db without proper authentication.

On the other hand, queuing aliquot sequences (or any sequence) starting with 20-80 digits have no value, and it will do nothing except loading a lot of small composites in the DB and giving work to the elves (who could otherwise do more important jobs). Such sequences can be done locally with a copy of yafu and aliqueit, where you have the liberty to use pari or perl or a batch file to run a lot of them, they are faster, take only seconds to either terminate or reach a point where they become interesting (like 100 digits whatever) and then, if they are interesting, be reported to the DB.

A sequence with 6400 terms, well... YES, that IS interesting. But other "Protoceratops" sequences are not (haha, buddy, I think you just coined a term!), and I think that such queries should not be accepted by the DB from anonymous users (nothing personal neither talking about you, I was talking generally).

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