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Originally Posted by science_man_88 View Post
I got it working as far as the test then don't see where to put the test case unless it's a command line thing to do from run because aliqueit never seems to stay open long ( either version that came in the download).
Bingo! If you double-click the program, it just prints some help text and then exits.

What you need to do is run it from a command window (cmd window, DOS box, whatever makes more since to you).

One way you can set it up is to create a shortcut in the directory for a cmd window. I'm on my Vista machine right now, but I can double-check the procedure on my 7 machine a little later.

Open up your work folder (again, mine is c:\aliquot\auto), open the Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt, right-click and drag to the folder, then drop; click on "Create Shorcuts Here". Then right-click the shortcut, select Properties, and change the path under "Start In:". On Vista, it defaults to %HomeDrive%%HomePath% which opens the command window in c:\users\<MyAccount>. I would make mine c:\aliquot\auto, which results in a command window with a c:\aliquot\auto> prompt.....

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