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There should be directions in the README that point to the URL posted. Since you have the 2.04 Beta, you must have gotten it from SourceForge, where the following is printed (you don't even need to download it):

Once CUDALucas has finished a test, report the result to PrimeNet:
    Step 1) go to and (optionally) login with your 
            username and password. (Again, if you want to track your credit, 
            logging in is necessary.)
    Step 2) On the menu on the left click "Manual Testing" and then
    Step 3) Upload the results file (default "result.txt") generated by
            CUDALucas by using the "Search" and "Upload" buttons.
    Step 4) Once PrimeNet responds with a verification message, you can either
            delete your results file or move the data to a different file.
PS Thank you for contributing

By the way, from the status page of the number in question, it seems you didn't log in, so the work was reported as ANONYMOUS, so unfortunately your account didn't get credit... but now you know. Everyone here has done that once or twice, myself included.
I don't care if I ever get credited for anything. That part of it seems a little silly to me.
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