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I disagree with the "if you want your system to last" part. I have two systems that are pretty seriously overclocked: Celeron-566 that ran 3 yrs at 920 and 4 more yrs at 850. This chip has answered all of my "will it kill the chip?" concerns from the early overclocking days. It has run Prime95, LLR, or sieves since the day I built the system, and is currently sieving. I have restarted it once in the last 15 months (to add memory).

I also have a P4-1800@2500 that has run Prime95/LLR for 4ish years. Again, no sign of any damage or increased errors as time has passed.

That said, 72C sounds pretty hot! Amazing it can hold a 66% overclock under those conditions. How much voltage? I have a 6300 on a cheapo board; I'm trying to justify getting a gigabyte 965 and going for 3+Ghz.
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